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At Priddis, we believe a sustainable business needs practical solutions for the environmental and safety challenges presented by the modern world.  

Priddis Environmental Solutions strives to provide clients with quality environmental and safety consulting services that are safe, responsive, and cost-effective.

Direct involvement of the Principal with every project ensures senior-level expertise in all types of work conducted. 



We have had fantastic opportunities lately to showcase our work. On May 26, 2017 we were invited to ArcBuilt Industrial's reverse tradeshow where we connected with the rest of the ArcBuilt Industrial Group of Companies.

Up next is our trip to Lethbridge to exhibit at the 70th Anniversary of the CWRA which includes a National Conference.

Spill Assessments
How ready are you to deal with a spill? We will work with you to do an initial spill preparedness assessment and training.  For more information please contact us at

(403) 457-3661 or info@priddisenvironmental.com

Heli Ready Spill Kits
Spills don't always occur in readily accessible places.  Are you ready for a remote spill?  Priddis now offers helicopter ready spill kits.  For more information please contact us!

Western Sky Land Trust
Priddis is proud to have been a recent supporter of Western Sky Land Trust!