• Priddis Environmental Solutions can teach courses on client premises or can provide seminar rooms if required.
  • Priddis has other courses available and can customize course material in order to suit client requirements.
  • Please contact us for booking, pricing and additional information.

We Are Flexible Too!

Customized Education & Training

Priddis can provide a wide variety of specialized learning sessions and documentation related to the environmental sector. Some examples include:



Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials

One-day training course for field personnel on Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORMs) with learning objectives pertaining to safety, surveying, handling, and reporting. Radioactive materials, even those naturally occurring, must be handled with due care.


Environmental Performance Measures
The Environmental Performance Measures course introduces the basics of environmental analysis and reporting. Modern environmental analysis is concerned with examining current environmental issues and determining how environmental improvement goals can be translated into business success. By understanding the key components, benefits, and pitfalls of environmental reporting, relevant performance measures can be applied to specific organizations and businesses.


Environmental Performance Reporting 

The Environmental Performance Reporting course examines various aspects of measuring and managing environmental performance issues for business. It is designed to help today’s business leaders recognize key environmental issues and trends, and be able to determine day-to-day environmental priorities within their own organizations or business environments. Effective business leaders should be able to identify ways to measure a company’s progress, set targets, and translate environmental issues into improved business performance.