Tim Taylor, P. Eng. MBA

Tim started his career as a mechanical engineer in the aircraft industry before becoming a facilities engineer for a major oil and gas operating company.  After obtaining his Master’s Degree, Tim focused on environmental issues associated with upstream developments including waste management, NORMS, environmental assessments and managing remediation and reclamation activities for over 700 contaminated sites.  For over 10 years, Tim has been the Principal of Priddis, specializing in reclamation, environmental education, and spill prevention throughout western Canada and the Northwest Territories.

Senior Safety Advisor


Caroline Damecour,  PhD

Caroline started her career as a Physical Therapist transitioning clients from injury to work following an accident. Her work evolved into case management and developing rehabilitation plans for those companies who had individuals dealing with chronic pain. After completed her Master's Degree in Public Management Caroline gained experience in preparing an organization for accreditation. In 2005, Caroline refined her career focus to injury prevention through completion of a second Bachelors Degree specializing in occupation health and safety at Ryerson University.  During this time, she assisted in the design and scientific investigation of a back support device intended for the workplace.  This project turned into her research thesis and in 2012, Caroline graduated from Queens University with a PhD in Occupational Biomechanics.  She has worked with Priddis since 2007. 

Junior Environmental Scientist


Michelle Seifert, B.Sc.

Michelle leads Priddis’ safety department in managing safety related documentation and coordinating the annual SECOR certification.  She is responsible for developing client specific field safety manuals.  Michelle brings a strong research background to Priddis which leads to effective Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessment data collection and technical report writing.  She has successfully completed all common industry health and safety training as well as specialized training including the Incident Command System-100.

Lead Assessor


Carrie Nanninga, B.A.Sc., R.T. (Ag)

Carrie has been responsible for managing and completing a variety of environmental projects for upstream oil and gas clients in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories.  Carrie’s operations and project management experience has ranged from: coordinating Phase I, II and III ESAs, conducting field assessments, onsite supervision, and preparing reclamation certificate applications, to managing over 400 sites in various stages of reclamation for a number of clients.