Emergency Light Truck Spill Prepardness Kit

Product Description:  This Kit provides all the necessary elements for efficient and environmentally responsible spill cleanup.

Spill Response Equipment & Training

Spill Container Inventory Management

Product Description:  Priddis is able to offer online Spill Container Inventory Management and Tracking.

Spill Prevention & Response

Priddis has a wide range of experience in Spill Response and Prevention. The Principal, Tim Taylor, has managed numerous emergency spill situations and is familiar with what needs to be done in order to prevent spills from occurring. In addition, Tim is the Project Manager for the Mackenzie Delta Spill Response Corporation (MDSRC).


The MDSRC is a non-profit organization. Companies operating within the Northwest Territories cooperatively joined together to fund and operate the MDSRC. These companies are referred to as “Member Companies”.


We believe in protecting the environment by providing spill preparedness  training to Member Companies.