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ArcBuilt Industrial Group of Companies

We have recently joined the ArcBuilt Industrial Group of Companies to grow our company and to work with companies who's missions and experiences blend with ours, creating a dynamic group of companies that can meet the changing landscape of our industry.

Western Sky Land Trust

Priddis is proud to have been a recent supporter of Western Sky Land Trust!  

Heli Ready Spill Kits

Spills don't always occur in readily accessible places.  Are you ready for a remote spill? A helicopter ready spill kit may be the solution.  A typical heli ready spill kit may include:

  • Tyvek® Coveralls

  • Gloves and goggles

  • Visibility Vests

  • Hand Tools (ex. shovels)

  • Sorbent pads

  • Sorbent booms

  • Flagging and warning tape

  • Garbage bags/empty barrels

The key is readiness!
We can help you build a ready kit customized for your needs. Click here for more information on spill response equipment.


Priddis and enviroseer.com have partnered! enviroseer.com is an Indigenous company and the umbrella organization for an alliance of environmental companies dedicated to sustainable industrial development.  Together we provide quality consulting services with a practical focus, specializing in supplying innovative environmental and safety management and restoration programs. 

Spill Assessment Service

How ready are you to deal with a spill? We will work with you to do an initial spill preparedness assessment and training.