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Adams Lake is located in west-central Alberta. The use and value of wetlands in the region have been evolving. There have been a number of acreage and large lake-side, weekend retreat developments. For instance, the Glennifer Lake and Country Club and the Carefree Resort on Glennifer Lake, are within 20 km of Adams Lake. The Medicine River Wildlife Center is a wildlife hospital which provides environmental education and is within 2 km of Adams Lake. Land uses around Adams Lake include: agriculture, permanent and seasonal residences, a secondary road, as well as undeveloped land. The nearby industries are mainly agriculture and upstream oil and gas.


A Riparian Health Summary Report on Adams Lake was completed in 2011 (Cows and Fish, Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society, 2012). The study found that the Adams Lake watershed is providing critical habitat for wildlife in the area. The overall health of the watershed was 89% (healthy) and slightly above the project average. The vegetation is mainly sedges, cattails, with some trees and shrubs along the dry edges. Native plant species form most of the community. Invasive plants present included Canada thistle and perennial sow thistle. Undesirable plant species, such as Kentucky bluegrass, dandelion, and quack grass were found in less than 5% of the area; mostly in zones under recreational land use. A man-made control outlet is located on the east side of the lake; the water level is being retained at a higher level than may occur naturally. The elevated water level has not negatively impacted the vegetation or erosion.


The Alberta Historical Resources Foundation adopted “Adams Lake” as the official name of the geographical feature in 2012. Adams Lake will be included in the Canadian Geographical Names Database, giving the lake official standing with the federal government as well.


Priddis Environmental Solutions has been monitoring wildlife around the lake since Spring 2012.  Priddis conducted a field water quality assessment in May of 2015.  The report found that all water samples met the Alberta Surface Water Quality Guidelines for the Protection of Aquatic Life for the parameters tested.

Priddis plans to continually conduct field water quality and vegetative health assessments of the lake.  The “Wetland Classification and Value System” is released by the Alberta government on June 1, 2015.  Priddis will test the ease of use of the document while also training professionals in using the system.

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